Architectural & Interiors Photography

My aesthetic approach to architectural photography finds a relevant inspiration in the concept of Minimalism in art, where the attention is focused on simplicity, using a minimal amount of compositional elements getting rid of the superficial.

In other words, 'less is more'!

Architectural photography aims to capture constructions in the best possible light, communicating the sense of place intrinsic to each project. My background in the architecture and design industry, as well as years of collaborations with high-level professionals have helped me to implement my creative abilities contributing to developing my aesthetic vision and to understand buildings and their relationship to landscape.

I use a range of wide angle lenses with the latest software for image processing and retouching. Images can be customised as required or to match a certain aesthetic. Attention to detail is key to the realisation of good images. Furthermore, the same level of care and attention is required in post production.

I have been working with digital photography systems for more than 10 years. Thanks to my background in design studios environment – first as a designer and later as a photographer – I have been overseeing all aspects of post-production, editing, retouching and use of softwares for the final picture manipulation.

A relevant part of my job is to carefully comprehend the clients need and requirements. That is why I pay close attention to their briefs, creating in-depth researches on the projects, gathering the more information I can to better comprehend and eventually deliver the best the shoot.