Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots are photographs usually set against a neutral background. This type of business portraiture is commonly used for professional individuals and are captured in a format that can easily be repeated using various lighting set-ups and backgrounds depending on briefs.

The images can be formal or informal shots, and due to its versatility a white background tends to be the preferred colour of choice, mainly for publications and marketing material. However, other colours like grey and black are popular choices as well.

The purpose of a headshot is to create a business-like photo that conveys a likeable, warm and friendly appearance, while also preserving an air of professionalism and expertise.

Proficiency in portrait lighting technique, as well as the knowledge to instruct people how to pose and act accordingly on set, is vital to capture a great business headshot. However, a headshot has the primary purpose of bringing out the best in you by capturing your personality on camera.

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